EXPECT  US! Team T-1000
The Resistance
   Team T-1000

  We do not FORGET!

The Worldwide Resistance Network  

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Welcome to The Info Bomb

Dare To Network!
Use every letter you write
Every conversation you have
Every meeting you attend
to express your fundamental beliefs and dreams.
Affirm to others the vision of the world you want.
Network through thought
Network through actions
Network through love
Network through the spirit.
You are the centre of a network
You are the centre of the world
You are a free, immensely powerful source
of life and goodness.
Affirm it
Spread it
Radiate it
Think day and night about it
And you will see a miracle happen:
The greatness of your own life.
In a world of big powers, media and monopolies
For billions of people
Networking is the new freedom
The new democracy
A new form of happiness.
- Team T-1000 -