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The Worldwide Resistance Network  

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The World Wide Resistance Network

Another format of available information made available by a fellow anonymous soldier. John Connor has done his best to see his mission through. Now he and the resistance present The Info Bomb.

The Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist movement Along side many others have played a paramout role in waking the masses. Many films have been created by this team in order to ilustrate the severeness of the human condition.  

The Thrive Movement

Similar to the Zeitgeist movement Thrive is a re-telling of the strugles currently facing humanity. The approach is straight forward and to the point with Thrive we learn that many examinations of the problem leads us to the same guilty parties. 

The Anonymous Collective

The Anonymous collective under great scrutiny these days do to their choice in their from of protest. Althow hearlded as the leader of This Global movement. Anonymous has stated that they have leaders nor do they lead others. 

The Occupy Movement

Through the efforts of the Anonymous collective as well as websites like WikiLeaks & ad-busters the people of the world were able to stand and be recognized. On Oct 15th 2011 The Occupy movement sprung into action

The Freedom Informant Network

The Freedom Informant Network & their Affiliates have worked hard to collect all the availabe data world wide in order to help disclose pertinante information. In concert with WikiLeaks The "FIN" delivers a massive dose of Truth & information.


WikiLeaks was where most learned that the whole thing was a lie. The Truth wanted to be free and Julian Assange wanted to set it free. Along side some of the most outstading whistle blower Assange ensured the public was aware.


Alex and his teamof researchers were investigating the nature of many conspiracies their work has searved as a valid compase for those who are just starting this deep jurney and endevours.  

Prison planet

Smillar to many movements that are currently underway, Prison Planet is a interactive Forum used by many to exchange info, share ideas and prepare covert #Op's that have lead to ground breaking doc's such as the Bohemian Grove.


Aljazeera.net is one of the most precise current and timely alternate media source available to this day. Many areas on-line focus on the research aspects of the work this team ensures a coherant form of on site news breaks. 

Russian trust

RT is an amzing for of alternate media for The People of the World. RT also offers a proper counter balance to the western media currently available to us. Simillare to   RT brings a fresh perspective to the Revolution. 

Spirit Science

Spirit Science is a beautiful Theory used to understand the bigger picture. Understanding the corruption of the world and implamenting a hands on approach to the Science needed to attempt a proper understanding of the divine.

The Weapons & Instutions of The New World Order!

Trap Wire

Trap Wire is a joint servailance operation by the fed government. alowing access to all cameras and databases in order to compile a profile of all individuals. This is still new to The Resistance but we learn fast. 


FEMA includes a color coded threat assesment that gets assigned to each individual. They are also camps that the government may put US citizens in. The Resistance has reason to investigate such establishments. 


HAARP is a mass radio network that disperses mas radio waves in order produce larg amounts of whats sent to the Ionspher it can also send vibrations in the ground capable of quakes. Used on our oceans this can cause a Tsunamie.


DARPA, The Deffence Adanced Research Projects Agency is the long arm of the enamy of the future. We are not just talking Army Robots. I am also refering to the overwhelming amount of advanced Tech used on us daily.

Project Blue Beam

Project Blue Beam is in it's self a very scary thing but imagine if you will every bad thing ever planed on earth to be place in concert with one another and released on the people. We call that plan Project Blue Beam

The Tri-Lateral Commission

Just when you figured that the plan was bad enough you shall learn that not only is it planed out but it is currently being funded by some of the most corrupt people alive. The subsequent topics shall help illustrate a few of said points.

The Federal Reserve 

The Federal Reserve is a Privatly owned bank they are governed under the fractional banking system. The FED is also responsible for the governing of The IMF another resposibilitie of the FED is to provide the US currency.

The Bilderburg Group

The Builderberg Group is comprised of some of the wealthiest & most powerful individuals in the world today. What started in 1954 has expanded into one of the most influencial economic super powers to walk the Earth.   

Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a no non-sense approach to a very real plan to globalize the governments and resources of the world. Upon careful scrutiny of these documents we learn that we must remove our blinders if we are to ever find the end of this.


What is the Esoteric Agenda? 

The Esoteric agenda has become one of the largest information package I have ever been able to investigate as well as piece together. This Theory is very open ended it is what makes things so hard to decern. The fallowing video is but a introduction to this sinister Agenda. The resources that fallow the video are there so that you may do a private study of the matter. I can only hope the information found here is fruitful that it may answer a few of your larger core questions on some of the more complex topics.

The Masons


The Zionist


The Esoteric Mason


The Illuminati (1906)


The Illuminati (NOW!)

Some of the strangest things i have ever seen on line.



The Book Of Mormon

The Modern day book that help tie old religion together very interesting stuff. I found some of the most ground breaking stuff here.

The Doctrines & Covenantes

The Stories here are about the new modern day doctrines established and the lengths of a religious revolution

The Bible

Not much one can say extra about the Bible.

The Other Bible 

The Christain Apocrepha

The Quran

Corner stone of the Muslim faith

The Torah

Corner stone of the Jewish faith